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All I Need Is Her – S1:E3


Clara Mia is enjoying a morning coffee while staring longingly at her girlfriend, Eveline Dellai. Eveline sips her own morning beverage before smiling and strutting across the room to Clara. Sliding into her lover’s lap, Eveline lets Clara remove her robe and suckle her nipples to hardness. It isn’t long before Eveline finds herself laying back on the table with her thong shoved aside and Clara’s tongue lapping away at her meaty twat.Relieving Eveline of her underwear, Clara dives in for a bald pussy feast. She leaves no inch of Eveline’s most intimate places unexplored. When Clara brings her fingers in to join in on the action, Eveline can’t help but let her head fall back as her soft moans fill the room. Clara lets Eveline’s breathy sighs guide the speed and pressure of her touch, and soon enough she is rewarded as Eveline comes apart in her arms.Her body pulsing in delight, Eveline gets off the table and wraps her arms around Clara from behind. She is swift at getting Clara’s clothes on the ground and Clara on the table to be enjoyed like a fine treat. With her girlfriend on her hands and knees before her, Eveline samples her from clit to pussy. She really takes her time, indulging both herself and Clara as she explores every sweet fold.Once Eveline has made sure that Clara is nice and wet for her ministrations, Eveline puts her fingers to work. She shoves two fingers deep inside Clara’s twat and then uses the other hand to rub her clit as she finger fucks her lover. With Eveline’s devoted efforts, Clara is soon gasping in orgasmic delight. Turning around on the table while Eveline is still seated, Clara lifts one leg in a blatant invitation for Eveline to keep up her efforts so she can cum again. Eveline is happy to oblige!Eveline is eager to collect on the climax that Clara now owes her. She climbs on top of Clara where she’s laying on the table and positions her bare twat over Clara’s mouth. Wrapping her arms around Eveline’s thighs, Clara goes to work with her magical tongue. When Eveline climbs off Clara’s face, the girls rearrange themselves on the table so that Eveline is spooned in Clara’s arms. That puts her in the perfect position for Clara to bring her off with her fingers making magic on Eveline’s clit until Eveline’s hips are bucking in delight to close out their morning fun.

Date: March 7, 2023

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